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Corazones y Sombras
lyrics by Stephen Bruton, Bill Payne
translations & lyrics by Michael Donnelly

Sheets poppin’ in the wind
me and mama hanging laundry
Hey what’s that noise something’s coming our way

Oh mama it’s a big band of scarecrows
Oh mama can we follow them down
I see you dancin’
I know you want to go
I want to, too
¡Vámanos m’ijo!

El tiempo 'sta bueno pa' la fiesta y no podemos esperar
florecitas parecen caerse del cielo
hay música, bebida y comida para alegrar las almas
cantaremos y bailaremos hasta el amanecer
a partir de hoy siempre recordaremos
éste día de corazones y sombras

The time‘s good for a fiesta and we just can’t wait
little flowers seem to fall from the sky
there’s music, drink, and food to cheer up our spirits
we’ll sing and dance until the dawn
from this day on we’ll always remember
this day of hearts and shadows

The ceiling fan in the jailhouse
It can spin no slower
he lays on his back with his hand on the wall
his thoughts float out the window
to the fiesta
to an innocent time before he was down by law

Oh jailer
can’t you hear them singing
Oh jailer
please have mercy on me
the girls are laughing
and the children they play
let me view from the window
before the light slips away

La luz del día pasa a la noche
los amantes se deslizan
a las sombras
siluetas abrazadas se entregan corazones de papel
unos momentos viven entre las estrellas
éstos ángeles con corazones
de polvo y rosas
y con el alba se regresan a la tierra sus sueños realizados
y por eso, siempre recordaremos
éste día de corazones y sombras

The light of day passes into night
the lovers slide away
into the shadows
embraced silhouettes surrender their paper hearts
for moments they live among the stars
these angels with hearts
of dust and roses
and with the dawn they return to earth their dreams fulfilled
and that is why we will always remember
this day of hearts and shadows

The shadows grow longer
at the Teatro del Sueño
it’s been many years since the movies and plays
but the sound of the music, the magic of twilight
has stopped even time
on this day of all days

The dust from the curtains
sparkles like diamonds
as it falls through the sunlight
on this day of all days

¡Vámanos, recio!
¡Échale ganas, ñiero!
¡No se me apachurres, que llevo vuelo!
¡Chata color de llanta, aquí esta tu rin cromado!
¡Vámanos, potrillo!
¡Cuaco! ¡Macho!
¡Con más ganas, gallo!
¡El que no vino a bailar, vino a estorbar!

Let’s pick it up!
Get into it, friend!
Can’t keep me down, I’m on a roll!
Flat-nose girl, color of a tire, I’m your chrome rim!
Giddap, colt!
Cuaco! Macho!
With more feeling, singer!
Ah ha!
If you didn’t come to dance, you came to get in the way!