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Hot News: Look for announcement for a return to Jamaica in 2014

Something is gaining energy in the Caribbean…... Read More

August 30th show: Paul Barrere & Fred Tackett with help from their friends

August 30th show: Paul Barrere & Fred Tackett with help from their friends: Dominic Genova, Hani Naser and Eddie Tuduri. Benefit for The Rhythmic Arts Project: at the Carrillo Adobe in Santa Barbara, CA, for tickets call Traci Collins at 805-682-1702. Read More

Listen to a cool radio interview with Paul Barrere

Chris Cowles of WRTC, 89.3 interviews Paul Barrere in advance of a few Acoustic Duo shows on the east coast. Read More

The Paul and Fred Acoustic Duo on tour.

The Paul and Fred Acoustic Duo will play shows in NYC and Connecticut at the beginning of August. Read More

Bill Payne to join Midnight Ramble Band in Woodstock on July 20,2013

Bill will be performing with the Midnight Ramble Band on July 20th. He has played with the best the world has to offer, and the Ramble will be no exception. Should be a great night! Read More

DC Metro Theater Arts, Mark Spain, interviews Bill Payne and discusses what Bill's "Tracing Footsteps" show is all about.

Bill Payne likes to express what he sees with his playing and also with his photography, and he’s stepping out with a solo show, “Tracing Footsteps,” that shares some of all of it – what he’s seen on the road and what he’s seen through the camera, as well as doing what he’s best known for, playing the best piano this side of the ocean (pick your ocean). This includes some of his new material with Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter as well as Feat Fan favorites. Read More

Paul Barrere and Kenny Gradney lend a hand to Michael Russeck on his new original tune "Old New Orleans"

Check out Mike's video....a rockumentary video...a song about Katrina and "Old New Orleans". Read More

Bill Payne joins forces for a Doug Prescott solo release

Recently Bill Payne had the pleasure of sitting in with Doug Prescott in his North Carolina studios to help out with his latest release titled "Blues in the Key of Sea". Read More

Bill Payne add his licks to Secret Agent Orange

Secret Agent Orange is a collaboration between current band members of The Doobie Brothers and Chicago. Bill Payne joins in for a very cool tune called "Kristofferson". Read More