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Home of the Groove

Home of the Groove discusses Richie Hayward Read More

Little Feat’s Lowell George Era Ends With ‘Down on the Farm’ Read More: 35 Years Ago: Little Feat's Lowell George Era Ends With

‘Down on the Farm’ started as a break up record, with Little Feat trying to complete a seventh studio project despite having little help from co-founder Lowell George. His sudden death transformed the album into something else entirely. Read More

REVIEW - Willin': The Story of Little Feat, By Ben Fong-Torres

How Little Feat Savored the Flavors of the "Houston Welcoming Committee" Read More

Interview with June Millington - discusses time with Little Feat

"The band(Fanny) lived in a Spanish style mansion they christened “Fanny Hill”...overlooking the Sunset Strip. The house was rented for them by Warner Brothers. The “girls”....had all the time time they needed to write, rehearse 24/7, jam....Richard(Hayward)hung around some, listening in to practices, and lots of other musicians would drop by, like Lowell (George) from Little Feat, to jam." Read More

2013.11.23 - Paul Barrere & Fred Tackett | Cervantes Other Side

Denver was lucky enough to have the guys stop through at Cervantes Other Side, the smaller sister venue next door to the Masterpiece Ballroom. The crowd was comprised of mostly folks who could have been old enough to see the George lineup of Little Feat, but younger folks did fill in the gaps nicely. Read More

Parade magazine reviews the new Little Feat book.

Parade magazine covers the new Little Feat book. Ben Fong-Torres did an amazing job in discovering and uncovering the inner workings of Little Feat. Read More

Paul and Fred show review in Relix Magazine

In strong voices and with equally deft guitar work, both Barrere and Tackett held closely to a repertoire familiar to fans of the Feat. Read More

Tracing Footsteps Review - 2013-06-24

The reaction among those in the Cat’s Cradle’s audience proved Bill’s Tracing Footsteps appearance to be quite remarkable. For example..... Read More

Chapel Hill Weekly's, Deborah Miller, has a Q&A with Bill Payne

"Tracing Footsteps, according to Bill, “is the way I describe my journey in photography. It houses my philosophy of combining a host of influences: black and white, color, textured themes, landscape, people, photojournalism – my time travel, literally – all under one roof.”" Read More

Payne and gain: Little Feat and big tales from keyboardist Bill Payne

Aspen Times covers Bill Payne's "Tracing Footsteps" show in Carbondale, CO. Read More