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Interview: Gear question for Lowell


What kind of amplification have you been using ?
I'm using a custom-made Howard Dumble amp which is the best one that I've ever played through - it's like a Fender made right. If you want a screaming Twin sound but don't want it too loud, you can do it. That amp has an overdrive section, somewhat similar to that of the Music Man amp. With the reverb on a Fender you have only two choices: on or off. But this reverb has a send and return so you can vary the amount of each. the spring inside the Fender reverb unit is a joke, and when you send the same amount as the input of the guitar signal, you're asking for it - everyone sounds like the Ventures. The way around it is by having separate controls, which the Dumble amp has. It costs about the same as a new Marshall with four 10" speakers in the bayonet cabinet. :eek: I've always liked that Marshall cabinet sound because it really projects. And it still has some nice lows. the Dumble amp has a switch so you can activate the overdrive section during a solo without having to turn up the amp or guitar volume up. I like it a lot, it's the best amp I've ever played through.