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Questions about Little Feat
Questions about Little Feat Recordings
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General Questions about Little Feat

Questions about Little Feat

When will Little Feat be playing in my city?

You can find the official Little Feat Tour schedule here. The Tour Page can easily be viewed from, as well. While you may hear or know about dates that are not posted, our policy is to refrain from posting the tour dates until management has confirmed them. Please be cautious about unconfirmed dates.

Whom do I get in touch with for booking Little Feat?

Agency for the Performing Arts
Seth Rappaport
Serious inquires only.

How do I get in touch with Little Feat management?

Little Feat is co-managed by Sirius Management and Metropolitan Talent

Sirius Management
PO Box 2913
San Anselmo, CA 94979

Metropolitan Talent
PO Box 1730
New York, NY 10113

Contact person:

Who is the Publicist for Little Feat?

Little Feat has the pleasure of having Bridget Nolan as publicist.

Publicity: (212) 277-7171,

Does Little Feat have an Archivist of their own?

Yes, Chris Cafiero is the band’s Official Archivist. He is also the author of,, an extensive Little Feat video archive on YouTube, the Feats At Five podcast, and is instrumental in helping the band with their recordings. If you have memorabilia (posters, ticket stubs etc.) or tapes of old shows please get in touch with Chris.


How did Little Feat get its name?

As strange as it sounds, the name Little Feat comes from the size of Lowell George’s feet. Paul Barrere explains; "Lowell George had unusually little, fat feet and Jimmy Carl Black of The Mothers happened to make mention of them to Lowell with an expletive. Lowell deleted the expletive and the name was born with Feat instead of Feet, just like the Beatles. Neat huh?"

I was wondering if you knew if Craig Fuller was still with the band or not?

No, but he does occasionally perform with the band. In fact, Craig opened for Little Feat with a solo performance at the Hoogland Center for the Performing Arts in Springfield, Illinois, on March 21, 2008. Paul, Fred and Sam joined him on stage when he performed "Sailin' Shoes". In turn, Craig joined Feat for several songs during their set. Full details of this show (and all other Feat shows) can be found at the Little Feat "FeatBase" site, located here:

Fred Tackett wrote this in response to a similar question posted on the Little Feat listserv:

"Craig did indeed want to stay at home. He had just had a new baby girl and wanted to get off the road and hang. He doesn't need to be on the road for financial considerations. He has a doctor for a wife, lucky man. So it was very amicable. We are still good friends. There is always a little resentment when a close friend says he doesn't want to hang out with you anymore, even if there is a good reason. But be assured that Craig is still loved by all in the band.”

How did Shaun Murphy come to be part of the band?

Shaun first appeared as a backing vocalist in 1988 on “Let It Roll” and joined the band fulltime with “Ain’t Had Enough Fun” in 1993. According to Fred Tackett; "She had sung with the band on all the records that we made as the new Little Feat and she had sung with Billy and myself with Bob Seger for a 9 month tour before we got the band back together. So, she was primed to rock."

Who is Neon Park?

The late Neon Park (aka Martin Muller) did almost all the Little Feat album covers, from "Sailin' Shoes" through "Ain't Had Enough Fun". Famously, he was also the man responsible for the cover of Frank Zappa’s “Weasels Ripped My Flesh” album.

Neon died in 1993 from Lou Gehrig’s Disease and you can find out more about his career by clicking here.

The liner notes to "Ain't Had Enough Fun" say: "We dedicate this project to his memory and promise that as long as there is a little feat record, there will be a neon park work of art adorning the cover."

True to their word, every Little Feat release since has featured artwork by Neon Park, including their 4CD box set "Hotcakes and Outtakes".

Where can I get Little Feat sheet music or tabs?

The tab book "Best Of Little Feat" has been published by Cherry Lane Music and features transcriptions for 12 Little Feat songs, including "Let It Roll" and "Dixie Chicken’".

Questions about Little Feat Recordings

Why did Little Feat name their 1977 live album “Waiting for Columbus”?

Christopher Columbus discovered the tomato when he "discovered" America. The "hot" tomato in the hammock is waiting to be "discovered" (like Lana Turner). So, she is waiting for Columbus. Neon Park had named his painting Waiting for Columbus when he created it. The band took the existing title of the painting as the title of the album, according to Fred Tackett.

Where did the phrase Hoy Hoy come from?

We've come up with a few answers to this one - some are more obvious than others, some less so:

  • Hoy Hoy is the title of the ninth Little Feat album, released in 1981.
  • On the cover of Feats Don't Fail Me Now (the fourth Little Feat album, released in 1974), look at the license plate on the car with George and Marilyn.
  • This is a phrase Alexander Graham Bell suggested people use when answering the telephone.
  • This is a phrase from a Howlin' Wolf song, entitled "Three Hundred Pounds of Joy". In it, he sings:

    "Follow me, baby, have a real good time
    This is it
    This is it
    Look what you get
    Hoy! Hoy! I'm the boy
    Three hundred pounds of heavenly joy"
    Hoy Hoy is Spanish for "Today! Today!"

Do you know about other artist's recordings that Little Feat played on?

See the Little Feat discography.

Does Little Feat allow Recording or Photography at their shows?

Yes! Little Feat does allow audience recording and photography (without a flash) if done non-commercially. Click HERE to see the band’s official policy regarding taping and photography. You can also buy live show recordings from and download or listen from the Internet Archive site.

How do I purchase Little Feat albums/cds and other Little Feat Merchandise?

Simple. Click here to go to the online Feat Merchandise store and roam around until you find what you want.

Questions about Little Feat on the Internet

Does Little Feat have a Facebook page?

Yes! The official Little Feat Facebook page is at

Do members of the band have separate projects that I can find out about?

Yes, they do:

Bill Payne has a website here.
The Acoustic Duo of Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett can be found here.

Any other Feat sources I should know about?

Here are a few you may be interested in:


The Hoy Hoy Digest is active for Little Feat fans to talk to one another (and sometimes to band members), each providing a wide range of information about the band, the people in the Little Feat community, and important announcements.

FeatBase contains detailed historical database information on every Little Feat show, including setlists, photos, and more. Find it at

Though amateur photographers submit most of the pictures at this site, there are several professionals in our family whose photos are copyrighted. Many people like to use copies of these photographs for personal use (e.g., CD cover art, presents to friends, etc.), and this is probably all right. Out of respect for the effort of others, please do not use any of the images unlawfully.

Use of any photographs at this site for commercial gain is strictly forbidden.

FEATS AT FIVE Radio Broadcast and Podcast

You can listen to a weekly Little Feat broadcast entitled "Feats at Five", hosted by well-known deejay Gary Bennett. Gary has been doing this show for many years.

Some of these sites require navigation to find the link you are looking for. There is also a help site, hosted by Chris Cafiero, which you can access and that should answer any questions you may have. This site can be accessed here. One great feature of this site is that the links help you avoid the navigation you must do on the other sites.

YouTube Videos

There is a growing collection of Little Feat videos you can access at YouTube. Here are just a few (but the list is growing):

General Questions about Little Feat

Does Little Feat have an email list for news and tour dates?

Yes we do. Get on the list! Keep up with Feat news, tour dates and special events! Go to the Home page to subscribe.

Does Little Feat ever take song requests?

The band checks their email and frequently will play songs requested over the internet.
Email here for requests to the band.

I'd like to send you an interview with Little Feat (radio transcript, etc...).

We'd be happy to include that information on the Little Feat Web with copyright permission. Permission is usually not hard to get, but sometimes takes time. If you could obtain the copyright permission for us, it would be a big help. Please contact our webmaster for further information.

Does Little Feat sell copies of their live shows?

Yes we do, please visit LittleFeatLive to choose from an extensive collection of our live shows.

May I please have permission to include a link to your site from our web page?

Go ahead and link away! The more links to the Little Feat Net, the better!

Here's a banner you can use - just copy and paste the code from the box below and you're all set!