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The Bayou: DC's Killer Joint - A Music Documentary

Please Help the Bayou

A documentary about Georgetown’s legendary Bayou is nearing completion but its local filmmakers, Metro Teleproductions, are reaching out to music and club fans everywhere for help in finishing the film.  They need to raise about $20,000, and are looking for a variety of period photos that would help showcase this historic venture, its patrons and the musicians who played there.

Closed now for 14 years, the Bayou was anchored at 3135 K Street NW, under the Whitehurst Freeway. For fans of Little Feat, the Bayou has relevant history.  It was a venue where “Chicken Legs” – Paul Barrere, Richie Hayward, Kenny Gradney, Sam Clayton and Catfish Hodge – worked during Feat’s hiatus, and where bands such as Foreigner and U2 launched their first tours in America.

Metro Teleproductions began shooting video – including many interviews – in the closing weeks of the club in November 1998. They are using their Facebook page, The Bayou in Georgetown, to gather photos and memorabilia. If you’re interested in seeing what this project is all about, check out a trailer for The Bayou: DC's Killer Joint that has been released on the company’s Kickstarter page. The Bayou video is nearing completion, but the problem is it needs donations totaling $20,000 by March 31 to finish the job. If you’d like the make a donation, visit the Kickstarter page; photo donations, the Facebook Page.

For almost half a century, The Bayou was a melting pot for musicians and serious music fans on the Georgetown waterfront. Please get involved and help to preserve this historic venue’s past. Your tax-deductable contributions surely will help to make a difference.


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