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Tahoe Daily Tribune Interviews Paul Barrere


The Tahoe Daily Tribune Interviews Paul Barrere in advance of the 04.14.2012. Click the link and read moreof this interesting interchange.


Q&A with Paul Barrere

Q What are the covers on the new album?

A I cover Mississippi John Hurt's “Candy Man Blues,” which has possibly the filthiest lyric ever written. And Sam Clayton's (arrangement of the Willie Dixon song) “Mellow Down Easy.” It's a cross between the Butterfield Blues Band and Little Walter's version, and we got Kim Wilson to come on and play harmonica.

Q You've been called a pioneering jam band. When did you first hear the term “jam band?”

A Ten years ago, maybe more. Before that, it was just jazz. Improvising. It was strange to hear Little Feat was one of the originals like the Dead and the Allmans. I'm sure none of those bands I just mentioned or us ever thought of ourselves as being a jam band. We just like to play. And instead of just take taking the music and just replicating it note for note as it is on the record like a lot of major pop acts do, we tend to take the music and expand. Otherwise I couldn't keep playing the songs for 40 years.


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