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Bill Payne's Tracing Footsteps Comes to the Big Apple

Bill Payne will be bringing his ďTracing FootstepsĒ Program to the Iridium in New York City on October 7. The program promises a plethora of artistic works and rock ní roll history for your senses to soak up and to ensure your satisfaction.
But if you canít make it and still want to catch this extraordinary performance, donít sweat it. We got your back. Tune in worldwide to Iridium Live on October 9 at 8 p.m. and you can catch this sweet show. Itís one you donít want to miss.



Billís roots in rock ní roll stretch back into the Ď70s. He is the last founding member of Little Feat and has played with just about everybody, from Pink Floyd and the Doobies to Jimmy Buffett, Jackson Browne, Stevie Nicks, Bob Seger and James Taylor. Heís composed in more genres than most, and his work today is as interesting and electrifying as what he did with Lowell George 40 years ago. Thatís why you need to hook up with him as he traces his footsteps. Itís your chance to hear Bill tell his story in person, without brevity, without holding back those intimate details youíre interested in hearing. Bill is sincere and candid in his assessment of his life and Little Featís journey through time over the past four decades. His passion for the arts flows uninterrupted throughout his program as he elaborates on everything from songwriting and piano-playing to photography and life on the road. He remains one of the hardest-working musicians in rock ní roll and is currently touring with Little Feat to promote its studio album Rooster Rag, which has met with fantastic reviews and critical acclaim since its release earlier this year.

Bill will be joined by Grateful Dead biographer and publicist Dennis McNally, who will open the program with road stories of his own. Dennis was the Deadís publicist for more than 20 years, as well as its biographer. He also will work with Bill during a question-and-answer segment in the program.

But wait. It gets better. Bill will perform some of Little Featís memorable music and some his solo work with the help of Connor Kennedy, a talented and rising guitarist from upstate New York, and Lee Falco, a smashingly gifted percussionist. When they play, itíll be worth it.

Payneís photography is a combination of behind-the-scenes shots, photos from inner cities and nature portraits from across the country.
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