Launch the Little Feat Jukebox

New web site for Paul Barrere's new solo project has been launched.


hello to all my friends …. it is with great pleasure that i announce the release of my latest recording project "Riding the Nova Train" on Better Daze Records .... this is a project that i have been working on for the last several years with Roger Cole, when i was off the road from Little Feat and The Paul And Fred Acoustic Duo shows .… Roger and I have written, co-produced, and used that time to fine tune these 10 new songs that represent all the musical styles i love from country blues to guitar-driven rock and roll music that i hope you all will like .... this of course comes at a time when i will not be able to travel for a year while i undergo treatment for Hep C, so i won’t be seeing many of you for awhile and would like to invite you all to click on the link and listen to the new album at, .… make sure your sound’s on and check out the sneak preview song .… i also will be selling my artwork through the site, and will be adding new art and music as it becomes available .... thanks for being there for so many years …. our journey together is far from over!

Paul Barrere





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