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LITTLE FEAT’s Live At 35: Waiting For Columbus Live Album Anniversary With Bill Payne & Paul Barrere On InTheStudio.NET


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InTheStudio.NET, the web home for North American syndicated Rock radio show InTheStudio: The Stories Behind History’s Greatest Rock Bands celebrates “Columbus” day in March this year as LITTLE FEAT’s Waiting for Columbus comes alive on its 35th anniversary. One of the most legendary American live acts, Little Feat successfully captured their eclectic, electric concert sound on their 1978 double album Waiting for Columbus containing “Willin’ ”, “Dixie Chicken”, “Oh Atlanta”, “Time Loves a Hero”, “All That You Dream” and “Rocket in My Pocket”. The superb musical performance and exceptional sound place it squarely on the short list of greatest concert recordings like Allman Brothers Band Fillmore East, The Band Rock of Ages, Frampton Comes Alive, and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s One More From the Road.

InTheStudio host Redbeard reconnects with founding keyboardist Bill Payne and singer/guitarist Paul Barrere, while also paying tribute to the late drummer Richie Hayward and band co-founder Lowell George, who died in 1979 from an apparent drug-induced heart attack.

Paul Barrere: “Probably the best Little Feat album, not only from a point of sales but for something that portrayed the band, has to be Waiting for Columbus, the live album. It really showcases every member of the (original) band.”

Bill Payne: “It was one of the first live albums that SOUNDED really great…It’s almost like Little Feat, when we’re at our wildest, is in free fall, like a train hurtling along a track and it could go off that track at ANY second!”

STREAM the full Little Feat program this month as part of InTheStudio’s Medium Rare online-only series HERE.





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