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Bill Payne add his licks to Secret Agent Orange


Hey everyone, Check out this new track "Kristofferson" that Bill was involved in from the band Secret Agent Orange. The track is FREE and features John Cowan on bass/vocals (New Grass Revival, Doobie Bros), Ed Toth on drums (Vertical Horizon, Doobie Bros) and Keith Howland guitar/vocals (Chicago). This is not your average Bill Payne session track as he is featured prominently during the almost 8 minute piece! The tune started out as a loose jam and Bill was asked to approach it as such, reacting to the tune as tho it were a live performance and did he ever. If you dig what you hear, like em on Facebook to stay up to date on live gigs and more free music.

Here is the link for Kristofferson as well as a couple other free tunes....








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