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Jamaica Beach Towel offer.

Press release from Virginia Liu:

Hoy Feat Fans,
One of my favorite images from Ripbang is the tomato lady with the palm trees (did something similar in '09 for LF & Ratdog in Jamaica). I have always thought it would make a great beach towel. Dick Bangham was gracious enough to recreate the tomato lady with palm trees for me for Feat Camp 12!
I would like to take this opportunity to share my idea and his creation with everyone who might be interested in buying a towel for Feat Camp or their favorite beach chair. Although, this towel is not official Little Feat merchandise, Billy Payne and Cameron Sears at Sirius Management have approved its sale and all proceeds will go to the band or a charity of its choice. I have ordered only a limited number of towels, so if you want one, donít wait to order.
The towels are medium weight, 60 inches by 35 inches, and the four-color design with be on a white background. The towels will not be available at Feat Camp, but I will do my best to ship them to you before you leave for the island -- no guarantees.
Each towel is $42.95, plus $10 standard shipping ($15 for priority shipping), in the Lower 48 states. International - TBD. Add $2.50 for shipping for each additional towel.

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