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Ramble On The Island 2015 - info announced


A few weeks ago Paul and I were having a conversation about him coming to Jamaica this March to which he responded that he would think about it. Not too much time passed before he called and said he was ready to go. With a call to the rest of the guys they each responded with an enthusiastic YES! We were off to the races!! We then called the Ramble Band and they are ready and willing, so it is all coming together.
In Rock and Roll we come to expect the unexpected, and in this case, it was when Paul called soon after to let me know the results of his recent tests... They revealed that the virus he thought he had beaten has returned. Paul was his typical self and cracked some smart ass line that I can't repeat, but he also was true to form when he said that he still wants to go back to Jamaica.
So here is the plan! We are going back to Negril, March 4-8...  Little Feat with Paul, the Ramble Band who will each play two shows, and we are working on some other guests to join in on the action. Paul will undergo some additional treatments in the near future, but the plan is, barring any significant change in his condition, he will be diggin' his toes in the sand with the rest of us..... Cameron Sears

Pre-Sale for returning guest starts Monday, September 8th at 10am. The public sale begins Monday, September 15th at 10 am.

More info can be found at the booking web site,, or by calling Island Gigs at Phone: 646-862-6380 or Email: [email protected].





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