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Bill Payne interviewed on Greasy Tracks - WRTC 89.3 FM

An interview and music with Bill Payne of Little Feat and Leftover Salmon. All music features Payne, including a number of selections that he sessioned on with other artists.

To listen to the feature, here’s Hour 1, Hour 2 and the playlist.


Greasy Tracks: June 6, 2015 (Program No. 880)
Fat Man In The Bathtub -- Little Feat
Snakes on Everything -- Little Feat
Trouble -- Robert Palmer
Somebody's Leavin' -- Little Feat
Sweet One -- Pakalameredith
Oh Atlanta -- Little Feat
One Fine Day Five Months Ago -- Chico Hamilton
Bill Payne Interview
Cat Fever -- Little Feat
Day At The Dog Races -- Little Feat
Bill Payne Interview
Bluegrass Pines -- Leftover Salmon
Pleasing Each Other -- Bonnie Raitt
Lafayette Railroad -- Little Feat
Bill Payne Interview
Strawberry Flats -- Little Feat
Time Loves A Hero -- Little Feat
Somebody's Gone -- Nolan Porter
Bill Payne Interview
Rooster Rag -- Little Feat
Walkin' All Night -- Little Feat
Bag of Reds -- Little Feat
Feels Good -- Chico Hamilton
Bill Payne Interview
Front Page News -- Little Feat
Got No Shadow
Bill Payne Interview
Trouble -- Little Feat
Feats Don't Fail Me Now -- Little Feat


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