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Show Review and Video from Jamaica - Show #1

Little Feat - 01.09.16(show #1) - Jewel Paradise Cove, Runaway Bay, Jamaica

14th Annual Feat Fan Excursion - Show #1
Feat Camp 14 … it’s hard to believe, but the band continues to spin its web of magic.  The Grand Lido, of course, was sold out from under us and literally taken to the ground, so this year’s gathering was in Runaway Bay at the Jewel Paradise Cove.  The eastern highway is much broader and impressively less winding than the road to Negril.  Once you get past the Montego Bay Hiltons and Hyatts, the highway goes inland.  It bypasses the cruise port of Falmouth and doesn’t really return to the Caribbean until Discovery Bay (the site of the Columbus landing in Jamaica and of a major bauxite export facility).  Paradise Cove is a left turn off the main road, through some low hanging palms and past a few private homes before making a sharp right and then another left turn into the main entrance.  Wow!  First impressions certainly relieved the anxiety about the quality of a new place.  Tucked into that very private setting is a first-rate, top-notch enterprise:  nine three-story residential units compactly situated with enough space between them to create an illusion of space.
We got there late in the day on Saturday, January 9, in order to see the special first night performance from Little Feat.  The place was already bustling with early arrivals and humming in anticipation of discovery.  We easily connected with friends and started cultivating new ones while exploring what we could of the resort before dinner.  There is plenty of water on the grounds (two small beaches, three major pools), a plethora of bars, and six separate eating establishments.  Dinner came all too soon, and the resort easily passed its second major test … food quality and service.  
Of course, everything up to this point had been nothing but nervous prelude to the main event – Little Feat.  The stage was set at the west end of the largest beach, just below the main Corral Café.  Some people sat in chairs set up in the sand, and others began to gather in front of the stage.  Miles Tackett was playing DeeJay (as he did every night), spinning an eclectic mix of old rhythm and blues and what sounded like James Brown B-sides (but turned out to be covers done by a Jamaican band whose name I missed).  Cameron Sears introduced the band and they opened with a rousing “Rocket In My Pocket,” sounding like they hadn’t been apart for any time at all.  The performance was strong as the set-list attests, and which is verified in the video provided by Archivist Chris Cafiero.  I particularly was impressed by Fred’s vocals on “Honest Man” and really appreciated hearing “Keepin’ Up With the Joneses.”  Miles’ guitar added a strong, new dimension to everything from “Willin’” and on, while “Feel The Groove” just kicked butt.  “Dixie Chicken” produced a strong three-guitar duel that was absolutely stunning, but just wait until you see this version of “Feats Don’t Fail Me Now.”
written by Scott Hays
From - 1/9/2016 - Jewel Paradise Cove - Runaway Bay, Jamaica
Rocket In My Pocket, Honest Man, Old Folks Boogie, Oh Atlanta, Keepin' Up With The Joneses, Time Loves A Hero, Rooster Rag, Willin'* > Don't Bogart That Joint* > The Weight*, Rag Mama Rag*, Feel The Groove*, Dixie Chicken, E: Feats Don't Fail Me Now
* with Miles Tackett


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