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Show Review and Video from Jamaica - Show #2

Little Feat - 01.10.16(show #2) - Jewel Paradise Cove, Runaway Bay, Jamaica

14th Annual Feat Fan Excursion - Show #2
Sunday opened as a gray and showery morning.  But it was a WARRRRM shower that didn’t hang around very long, even if the clouds did.  This was a day for the early arrivers to begin establishing routines and to pretend they were seasoned pros as everyone else trickled in throughout the day.  The breakfast buffet was spectacular (and would be for all meals), though no one could agree on a favorite station.  My vote went to an almond croissant tucked amongst a half dozen other pastries, but there were quite a few close seconds.  The rest of the day was something of a blur, but somehow most of us managed to squeeze a lunch between exploring all the pools and hot tubs, testing the various bars, and even stabilizing at the 24-hour coffee shop.
Because the moe. portion of the throe-down officially started on this day, the majority of early arrivers were from Little Feat.  Sixteen of us took advantage of the head start we had to secure seats in the Jade Samurai, a Japanese teppanyaki-style restaurant and the only dining room requiring reservations.  As you might imagine, sixteen Feat Campers in the presence of flying knives and subjected to a variety of efforts employed to entertain us resulted in a rather raucous and spirited event that Paradise Cove may not soon forget.
The second evening’s program consisted of Feat opening for two moe. sets.  We saw a lot of intermingling of fans in the audience and around the stage … cross-pollination was fun and provided plenty of opportunities for learning (or teaching).  But you are about to watch the Little Feat set, so what follows provides a glimpse of what you might look forward to seeing.
Watch for the hot slide guitar on Hate to Lose Your Lovin’, and how Bill’s piano morphs right into a Fred lead for Slippin’ and Slidin’.  The latter song includes a Jerry Lee foot kick on the piano.  Paul and Fred then tease us into “Down on the Farm.”  Hopefully, you’ll notice that Sam has a prominent place in the mix.  In fact, you don’t have to listen very long to realize just how clearly Howard mixed this set – every instrument and voice is crystal clear.  Fred then bridges into “Candyman,” and Paul’s delivery underscores his oft-quoted observation that it is one of the dirtiest songs on the books.  Whew!  There was a pause in there, but most of that part of the set was presented as a single song, so it makes sense that Bill would slow things down at this point.  Sam and Bill, riffing on a strange, bedsprings-type sound from somewhere on the stage, engage in some double-entendres to introduce “Cat Fever,” dedicated to Bill’s cat – Oliver – who is still in the cathouse back in Montana.  This version of the song, at least according to Fred, proves to be “unnecessarily funky.”  Miles Tackett then joins the band for a rousing Rad Gumbo.  Shouts of affirmation from the crowd greet the opening notes of Sailing Shoes, which morphs from slow to the intense, mandolin-driven version we’ve come to love.  Watch the father and son interplay here … a hint of things to come.  Fred then takes lead vocals on his own In A Town Like This, followed by Paul on Texas Twister.  The set closes when Paul switches gears with a scorching High Roller.  For an encore, Paul asks the crowd if they are ready to hear a song from Sam, followed by a particularly funky Spanish Moon.
written by Scott Hays
From - 1/9/2016 - Jewel Paradise Cove - Runaway Bay, Jamaica 
Setlist: Hate To Lose Your Lovin' > Slippin' and Slidin', Down On The Farm > Candyman, Cat Fever, Rad Gumbo, Sailing Shoes*, In A Town Like This*, Texas Twister*, High Roller
* with Miles Tackett


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