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Show Review and Video from Jamaica - Show #3

Little Feat - 01.12.16(show #3) - Jewel Paradise Cove, Runaway Bay, Jamaica


14th Annual Feat Fan Excursion - Show #3

On Monday, January 10, the clouds and rain disappeared, never to return.  There was no Little Feat show in the evening, so Feat Fans relaxed.  During the day, many tie-dyed their Year 14 shirts and others visited the spa.  Others signed up for the glass-bottomed boat trip, partook in other water sports, or visited the spas. There was no mad rush to the restaurants as darkness fell, and the Medeski, Martin and Wood show could be heard almost anywhere anyone went.  A late night bonfire on the main beach at the end of the Moe. set featured music by the Overtakers, as it did on subsequent nights.  Resort staff provided a scrumptious hot dog, burger, and jerk chicken buffet, too.

By mid-morning of Tuesday, almost everyone who did not sign up for one of the sponsored tours (Bob Marley’s house or the Dunn River Falls) or who did not go to Margaritaville in Ocho Rios to see an acoustic moe. set gathered at the three-story water slide in the main pool.  Word of mouth attracted more than thirty Feat Fans to the Qualifying Round of the First Annual Waterslide Olympic Trials.  At least an equal number of other fans rallied to cheer them on.  The judging criteria were, at best, unclear, and seemed to vary at times from participant to participant.  They seemed to generally involve such things as form, size or nature of splash, dismount, and quality of sound effects en route, but not at all times and apparently not based upon any agreed upon set of standards.  The judges, too, sort of came and went.  Some suggested that judges were on the take, but those charges were never substantiated.  The participants came from most parts of the country.  Our own Big Dave, Bill Payne, and even Polly stood in for the band.  Almost everyone claimed “victory,” but it turned out that these events were just the preliminaries.  We scheduled the finals for the following day. 

That evening, Little Feat opened.  As you watch the video, you cannot help but notice that they jump right in with a solid “Two Trains” that includes a really sweet organ introduction by Bill.  Fred then revisits “Honest Man” (the first of several repeated songs).  Sam’s version of “Mellow Down Easy” is anything but mellow, and “Skin It Back” keeps the intensity going strong.  While the guys switch guitars, Bill begins noodling on the keys and gradually teases out “Oh Atlanta.”  A rocking version!  Miles then joins in as the stage lights go from red to blue, and Fred changes pace with his “Church Falling Down.”  We then get another “Willin’” medley, but the songs are different than the first time around.  “Long Black Veil” then “The Weight” follow the Jamaican national anthem. With all those acoustic instruments around, the guys take advantage and do a different version of “Rooster Rag.”  Paul belts out a straightforward version of “Homeground,” and Fred follows with “One Breath At a Time.”  Miles Tackett joins the band for his dad’s song, and then remains on stage until the end of the set.  “Let It Roll” features some strong three-way guitar duels, and Bill’s organ at the end is stellar.  “All That You Dream” has a prolonged introduction before morphing into its giveaway opening.  Gabe then launches into “Fat Man,” though Fred gives it sort of a calypso riff in the opening.  Bill’s keys are prominent throughout in what turns out to be a relatively short version (ten minutes).  Because it is Miles’ birthday, the band does one of “his” songs for its encore … a Caribbean-tinged “Ring of Fire.”  Anyone who knows the Zappa version of this song will recognize it, but you’ll enjoy it even if you don’t.

written by Scott Hays

From - 1/12/2016 - Jewel Paradise Cove - Runaway Bay, Jamaica

Setlist: Two Trains, Honest Man, Mellow Down Easy, Skin It Back, Oh Atlanta, Church Falling Down, Willin’* > Don’t Bogart That Joint* > Long Black Veil* > The Weight*, Rooster Rag, Homeground, One Breath At A Time*, Let It Roll*, All That You Dream*, Fat Man In the Bathtub, E: Ring Of Fire*


* with Miles Tackett



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