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Show Review and Video from Jamaica - Show #4

 Little Feat - 01.13.16(show #4) - Jewel Paradise Cove, Runaway Bay, Jamaica

14th Annual Feat Fan Excursion - Show #4 
 OMG! We all awaken with the realization that for most of us, this is the last full day of Feat Camp. A slight edge of urgency is apparent as folks try to maximize the experience and get around to as much as possible that had been off for tomorrow just the day before. “Urgency” is perhaps an overstatement … it’s rather hard to be urgent or bothered in a tropical paradise … but people did seem just a bit more energetic on this day. This was visibly palpable when we gathered for the “finals” of the Waterslide Olympic Trials. Unfortunately, injury decimated the ranks of participants – the day before people had banged or wrenched or twisted everything from toes, ankles, knees, backs, necks and heads. Perhaps only half of the preliminary entrants showed up, but those who did were in high spirits. The competition again was stiff, everyone won, and we all vowed to up our game for next year’s meeting.
When that happens (and we have all been assured that discussions to make it so are under way), everyone gets to explore and find out for themselves what they like best. But it never hurts to have at least a little guidance, and it seems now is a good time to consider the relative quality of the food at Paradise Cove. Can’t say anything from direct experience about Platinum, the “contemporary Caribbean” restaurant adjacent to the central dining area, but most everyone agreed that the food was quite good. Some complained that it was loud, and the music hard to hear, but there were no bad words about the food quality. Another feature of this restaurant that surprised many: it is open for breakfast for those who would prefer service to a buffet. The Coral Café is the main buffet, next door to Platinum. It is very good, with lots of choices for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner. As mentioned earlier, do not overlook the pastry station. The Jade Samurai is the teppan restaurant, and requires advance reservations. While there are four tables inside, only three were ever operating at one time. Service is fun and entertaining, and meals both of high quality and substantial. Court Jesters is around the corner and offers up a serviceable pizza. Moonstone overlooks the water sports area and has a pavilion above it with a large bar. The food is Mediterranean, and is outstanding. Lastly, there is the Aquamarine Beach Grill, which is open from eleven in the morning to seven in the morning. That’s right. All night food. In this case, burgers, dogs, jerk chicken, and sandwiches. Couple that with a swim-up bar and somebody is bound to find hog heaven.
Heaven’s where you find it, after all. The last show of this Feat Camp proved exceptional. “Time Loves A Hero” started things off right. The entire set list appears, below. Rather than comment on each song, which has been the pattern until now, let me just point out a few of my favorite moments and let you enjoy the show on your own. One of the highlights comes with Sam’s swampy vocals that irresistibly draw you into “Can’t Be Satisfied” before it segues into “Hot Tamales”, featuring ragtime and/or Professor Longhair-inspired piano and trumpet solos. The “A Apolitical Blues”>”Long Distance Call” medley is, as usual, a slow and bluesy romp. There are multiple moments when Paul, Fred, and Miles (occasionally accompanied by Bill) just explode in their interchanges. At about the 35 minute mark is one (“Rocket”), but the final guitar blast in “Dixie Chicken” is well worth the 18:02 wait. Of course, we always appreciate “Six Feet of Snow” while we are in Jamaica. And Fred’s closing mandolin solo in “Cajun Girl” is a four minute travelogue that gets back to New Orleans by way of India – trust me, you have to see it. 
written by Scott Hays 
From - 1/13/2016 - Jewel Paradise Cove - Runaway Bay, Jamaica 
Setlist: Time Loves A Hero, Old Folks Boogie, Can’t Be Satisfied > Hot Tamales, A Apolitical Blues > Long Distance Call > A Apolitical Blues, Rocket In My Pocket, Six Feet Of Snow*, Cajun Girl*, Dixie Chicken* > Tripe Face Boogie* 
 * with Miles Tackett


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