Launch the Little Feat Jukebox

Listen to Bob Edwards, "America's Host" sit down and chat with Bill Payne.

Listen-in to a perfectly entertaining "perf chat" (performance/interview) with Bill Payne and Bob Edwards(NPR,XM and many others).

Please take a few moments to listen to this intimate moment in time with Bob Edwards interviewing Bill Payne. Bill talked about his earliest days behind a keyboard, learning to play big music with small hands, his days with Little Feat and now as a touring member of The Doobie Brothers. Bob visited with Bill Payne before his show at The Hamilton in Washington, DC this past March 22, 2016.

Bob Edwards has made a career of being the calm choice on the radio dial. In addition to hosting NPR's flagship program "Morning Edition" for more than 24 years, Bob was the host of “The Bob Edwards Show” on Sirius XM Satellite Radio and “Bob Edwards Weekend,” distributed to public radio stations by Public Radio International (PRI). Both programs featured in-depth interviews with newsmakers, journalists, entertainers and other compelling figures


Bob Edwards has also launched an IndieGogo campaign to permit him to continue these "perf chat" adventures. 

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