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Little Feat is happy to announce a return to our Jamaican roots

It’s front page news! The wait is over! Little Feat is happy to announce a return to our Jamaican roots with the always highly anticipated Feat Camp, aka Ramble on the Island. Returning to the site of our first Feat Camp, we will take over the recently remodeled Melia Braco Village from January 11-15, 2018 to roll ’um easy with the best fans a band can have. The Melia has an old-world charm reminiscent of the Grand Lido, but it has been tastefully updated and modernized. Take a moment and look at the Island Gigs website to get a better understanding of what awaits you. We think you will love it! 

After we got home from Jamaica last year we all felt it was the best event yet and one well worth repeating. We are thrilled to announce that both Jackson Browne and the Ramble Band are coming back. Each artist will play three shows during the Camp and you can expect plenty of crossover collaboration. In addition to Feat’s three Camp shows, the band also will play on January 10 for folks who arrive a day early. 

For this upcoming Ramble on the Island, Jackson will be accompanied by longtime vocalists Alethea Mills and Chavonne Stewart, along with the acclaimed multi-instrumentalist Greg Leisz (guitar, lap steel, pedal steel).

 "I had heard about this legendary gig in Jamaica for years, and when I finally got to be there, I realized that nobody could have described to me how really great this thing is,” says Jackson. "The music just kept happening, and the brilliance of the collaboration between my two all-time favorite bands.... all the sitting in, made it a unique experience. The fans are really good people, the food is spectacular, and you're all on a fantastic beach in Jamaica."

When the Ramble Band first joined us in Jamaica, you might not have been that familiar with them. Now four years later we can’t imagine doing an event without them. The musical versatility that is represented by all the musicians in the Ramble Band is a key ingredient in making all these events so special. As a matter of fact, on our recent East Coast tour, the Midnight Ramble Horns joined us for five shows, and we have to say it just kept getting better and better and we can’t wait to pick up where we left off.  

Despite how connected we all have become in this modern world, occasionally scheduling conflicts can still occur. As we prepared the announcement for our return to Jamaica, Billy got the news that the Doobie Brothers had committed to a series of shows at exactly the same time as our trip to Jamaica. After all the possibilities of moving the dates were exhausted, it became apparent that Billy would not be able to join us.  

“Unfortunately, Billy won't be with us this year due to conflicting schedule commitments, Paul says. “But having the Ramble Band’s Brian Mitchell sit in on keys will definitely add some flavor. And speaking of flavor, we've invited Papa John Gros to join us as well. For those that don't know about John, he's a wonderful keyboardist from New Orleans.

“Both of these guys are masters at blending rock and roll, funk and rootsy Americana into genre-bending gumbo. Kinda like Feat, if I do say so myself! Fred and I have worked with John many times on our trips to New Orleans, so we plan on having a bit of a Mardi Jah Mon! It will be funky for sure. So get your rooms early and come join us for the fun in the sun.” 

Billy adds, “I have had the pleasure of playing with both these cats and I can think of no one else more suited. When I started to think about who could take this on, they were the two players at the top of my list. I have spoken with both Brian and John and I can say they are both looking forward to being a part of our wonderful event and they will play some inspired music for everyone to soak in.” 

If you have attended a previous Feat Camp or Ramble on the Island look for a presale code to arrive in your email within the next 48 hrs. The presale will begin on Monday June 12th at 10 am EST. 

The public on sale will begin Wednesday June 14th at 10am EST. -

We look forward to seeing you back where it all began! And if you’ve been there before you know it’ll be all that you dream!




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