Launch the Little Feat Jukebox

Atlanta's "INsite" Magazine interviews Bill Payne

INsite: But you're accustomed to stylistic shifts because the Little Feat catalog is all over the place.
Bill Payne: (Laughs) Yeah, if you can imagine, when Lowell and I started out back in 1969, we played some material for Ahmet Ertegun. Of course he was with Atlantic, and produced Ray Charles and all that. Thankfully at the time I knew none of this. Had I known that, I would've been way too embarrassed to show him our music. But we played for him. He kind of looked at the ground and then looked back up at us and said, 'Boys, it's too diverse.' Yeah, the stuff on the first Little Feat album was all over the place so you can only imagine what he heard, because we haven't even written that all of that yet. And he was right, it was diverse. But that's really been what has allowed us - over these 50 years - to not only do what we do but also contemplate maybe doing another 6 songs or a whole record soon.
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