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USA Today article on Little Feat's CD release

Straight out of USA Today 05.29.2008

Join the band: The influential Little Feat

Little Feat songs such as Dixie Chicken and Fat Man in the Bathtub have influenced a couple of generations of rock and country musicians. Some of those musicians got a taste of playing with the group on the new Feat album, out 08.26.2008

Join the Band, much of which was recorded at Jimmy Buffett's Shrimpboat Sound studio in Key West features new versions of many of Little Feat's best-known songs. They include Chicken (with Vince Gill and slide guitarist Sonny Landreth), Oh Atlanta (with the Black Crowes' Chris Robinson) and Trouble (with original frontman Lowell George's daughter Inara).

One highlight is a new take on Fat Man with Dave Matthews on vocals. "Matthews was the first guy other than Jimmy to sign up," says Feat keyboardist Billy Payne. "He did about 18 vocals, which was pretty amazing. When Dave Matthews tackles something, he doesn't leave much to error or to chance."

"I wanted to be able to share, with people who knew us or didn't know us, what was our relationship in regard to influences," Payne says. "The music industry is set up in such a fashion now that it's really tough to tell how those things happen, but it widens the circle of your knowledge. It keeps life interesting. It keeps music and the arts interesting." -Brian Mansfield

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