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“The Seger File” reports on the new CD “Join The Band”

Here's how "The Seger File" web site has reported on Little Feat's new CD "Join The band".

"New Seger Track in August, Via Little Feat

Seger's longtime association with Little Feat will give fans something to celebrate this summer. A new Little Feat album called Join the Band will be released on 08.26.2008 with an all-star lineup of guest performers -- including a track by Seger.

As you probably already know, singer Shaun Murphy, who has toured and recorded with Seger since the early 1970s, is a member of Little Feat. Seger has also recorded with Fred Tackett and Bill Payne over the years -- both current members of the band. And Seger sang backing vocals on the title track of Little Feat's 1988 album, Let it Roll.

When I first heard about Join the Band, my guess was that Seger might contribute a cover of "Fat Man in the Bathtub" -- since Seger's live version of that song has circulated among collectors for years. But Shaun reports that Seger's song will not be "Fat Man."

Indeed, the track listing shows that Seger's cut is "Somethin' in the Water," originally by Jeffrey Steele. The song is a high-energy country rocker -- you can check out Steele's video of the song here, or find a higher-res, higher audio excerpt on iTunes. "Bob did an amazing version of it, and we're very jazzed to have it in the lineup," Shaun writes.

Join the Band also includes guest vocals by Emmylou Harris, Vince Gil, Brooks & Dunn and others. Dave Matthews, it turns out, covers "Fat Man in the Bathtub." It'll be fun to compare and contrast his version. The track list and credits are here.

All in all, this sounds like a really great album. Pre-order it here and you'll have something to look forward to all summer."

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