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Our friend in trouble...needs your support!

Hey everyone,
Our friend and sometimes lighting designer, Jeff Boller, was the victim of an attempted car-jacking at an Oklahoma City car wash last week.  He was blind-sided with a pipe by two guys who proceeded to jump into his Mercedes and then not be able to start it (the two genius thieves didn't know about putting your foot on the brake while in park to start it).  Jeff and his dog Willie managed to regain control of the situation and run the two guys off.  In the meantime Jeff sustained facial injuries, forty stitches, several broken teeth and now has a bit of pain while trying to speak.  Those of you who know Jeff will realize this is indeed unfortunate for someone who loves to talk as much as Jeff does. 
If anyone would like to send Jeff a get well happy holiday anyway sort of card or anything his mailing address is;
Jeff Boller
1012 N.W. 81st St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73114




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