Launch the Little Feat Jukebox

Little Feat joins Pittsburgh's "BurghSTOCK" concert series charity efforts

We at Little Feat are proud to designate our 12-28-08 show at Mr. Small’s Theatre in Pittsburgh as part of the BurghSTOCK concert series, an effort by area bar band musicians to alleviate homelessness in the local veteran population.  It began just before Veteran’s Day (11/11) and will run until the end of winter.  More than 50 local bands are participating, and we invite you to contribute at the show.  If you won’t be in Pittsburgh, we encourage you to send something to Shepherd's Heart Veterans Home, 13 Pride Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219.  Bill Payne will be donating a photo to the BurghStock folks taken at his local veteran’s hall for an auction later in the year.

One of the great principles of the military has always been to leave no one behind on the field of battle – but 30% of the homeless men in this country are vets.  That’s just wrong.



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