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Message from Richie Hayward and Little Feat


Dear friends,

I have very recently been diagnosed with a severe liver disease.  I am looking at testing and treatments and a possible transplant, as well as an indefinite amount of time off.

I was trying to withhold this information until I could play my last three shows and give you all I could without distraction.  (My last show will be August 7th in Montana).

Because I have no insurance, my friends here in Canada, where I live with my wife, wanted to help as soon as possible and launched information about a fundraiser and my situation, to bring in much needed funds asap.  As it is a relatively small and local event, we were not expecting it to be noticed, and word got out before I was prepared to make this announcement.

Now that it has, please know that in no way did I mean to leave you out of the loop.

My intent is to come back to the band, as soon as I am physically able. Your love and support will mean a lot to me, more than I can say.  I love and will miss you all, and I will see you again on the proud highway.


Richie Hayward




We’re of course with you in sending all the best vibes of support to our brother Richie.  We are pleased to say that Richie’s seat is being kept warm by a member of the family – Gabe Ford, who’s been our drum tech for the past almost three years.  Gabe’s a fine drummer – just came off a tour with Jorma Kaukonen, Robben Ford, and Ruthie Foster – and we know he can keep Feat rockin’.

Meantime, please join us in all the healing thoughts at your command.  You know that’s what’s on our minds.


Everybody at Little Feat   

p.s. By the way, since people have been asking – Feat’s tour plans remain as normal, right up to Jamaica and beyond.  See the website about August; we’re also working on shows for the fall. 



Information about the 08/23/09 fundraiser for Richie can be found at or at Facebook.




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