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RIP Steven R. Epstein - February 2, 1952 ~~October 28, 2009

Steven R. Epstein

February 2, 1952 ~~October 28, 2009

Here is Bill Payne's  statement which was read at Steve's Memorial Service on November, 21, 2009 in NYC:

Steve Epstein

  Steve Epstein had a hurricane mind. Words flew from his mouth making it a challenge sometimes to sort out what he was trying to say. He was often ten steps ahead of you before he even spoke. Sure, he got frustrated, who wouldn’t? Why can’t the world understand what is so clear to me? You could see it in his face. He was on a mission.

  Thankfully for Little Feat, we were a huge part of that mission. Steve , who behind the scenes,  pushed very hard to get his point across on how to help this band. Okay, he was both behind and in front of the curtain. It was his stage, his platform, and he would hold court in whatever manner he saw fit, damn the consequences.

   He was as sensitive as he was brash. He drove us all nuts on occasion. I loved him for it.
I loved his energy. I also knew that he was well aware of the havoc he was causing and made efforts to tone it down, usually in vain. You see, he also knew somehow that his time was not his own (as the song goes). He moved in a blur for a while. Then even as he slowed down, his center of energy remained uncompromised. He willed himself to live, to communicate, to carry on with that huge heart of his. Those who knew him best acknowledged he had a heart of gold.
That was his strength. You forgave him for just about anything because of that heart of his.

 My last conversation with Steve took place outside the backstage door of the Belly Up in Solano Beach, CA., on October 6th. I put in a call to him, thanked him for all he had done for our band, cried with him, told him I loved him and wished him well. We both knew it was to be the last time we would talk to one another.

 His spirit is now unencumbered and let loose into the next realm. Pure energy, no longer tied to this earth. We are left in his wake with a reminder of how fragile life is and how precious memories are. May we hold him in our hearts for a long time to come.

Bill Payne
Hollywood, CA
November 17, ‘09



 Here is a summary of the Memorial Service from Gil Numeroff:

From: Gil Numeroff
So long, Steve E

Tonight, on 96th Street near Lexington Avenue, a sad occasion became a beautiful moment I will no doubt remember all the rest of my days.

It began around two in the "Community Room" in Steve's building at
175 E96th Street and stayed there until five or six in the evening, at which point "how many Little Feat fans can you stuff into an elevator?" headed for two upward destinations...Steve's 14th floor abode and his beloved Sun Terrace with a 360? view of the greater New York metropolitan area. It was a beautiful day and night and you could see for miles.

At some point, the family moved down to Kinsale's bar on Third Avenue, one of Steve's favorite haunts, where rows of tables were moved together for the Beggars Banquet in honor and memory of Steve that carried on until various members, us included, had to go back and attend to the other important parts of our lives.

But while we all took something away, we also left something precious behind.

I can't begin to name everyone who came to Steve Epstein's memorial service, I'm sure anyone who knew him was there is spirit if not also in the flesh. Everyone who was in Steve's heart went home with a piece of Steve and the memory of what life could be like in a far better world than the one in which we spend most of our days.

We love you guys. We're proud to know every single one of you. Part of me wants to say something like "next time under happier circumstances," but the more I think about it, it's hard to imagine a happier set of circumstances than an end to Steve's suffering and a gathering of people he loved who loved him, and each other, for better and for worse.

Be well, brother, and send your spirit to be with us, wherever we gather until we all meet again.

Robin and Gil




The Little Feat Community suffered a great loss with the passing of Steve Epstein. For close to 10 years he has worked tirelessly to help promote the band in many ways. It was truly a labor of love for him.

Steve is remembered for jumping on board the Grassroots bus in the early days. He was full of ideas on how to promote his favorite band and he knew how to implement them as well.  His knowledge of the music industry and his motivating personality were both feathers in his cap for turning him into the greatest leader of the Little Feat Grassroots Organization. At first, some people didn’t understand his “New York” ways and ideas he brought to the table. In the early days, some Grassrooter’s were known to think that “this guy is somewhat of a loose cannon”, but he proved them wrong as he molded the Grassroots organization into the finely tuned machine that is today. He was the “Go-to-Guy” for ALL Little Feat information. He took on the task of setting up the Global POC system and made sure it worked.  He looked after Little Feat as they were his own children. Something we all have benefited from.

In addition, Steve was a tireless promoter of "Cross Pollination":  The theory being that by communicating with other like-minded jam-band-based grassroots organizations, he could further the cause of exposing Little Feat to completely new audiences.  His love of The Radiators, The subdudes, and Ratdog were all examples of groups he reached out to.

Steve was a man who had a heart of gold. He was always there to offer advice about life’s trials and tribulations when called on to do so. Steve lived his life his way…he somewhat walked to the beat of a different drummer….you were always invited to join his band. It was always a fun parade.

As he rounded the turn and headed down the final stretch, he got tremendous joy being surrounded by those he loved and loved him. He reveled in talking about Little Feat while his pain took a back seat to his love of their music.

We know he is resting in peace. Life goes on for us….but it will never be quite the same without Steve Epstein at the Helm, steering the ship on the right course.

Chris Cafiero and Marc D. Joseph

Steve's favorite charities where ALS and Surprise Lake Camp. Please feel free to make a donation to these causes in memory of Steve.






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