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A message from Shauna Drayson-Hayward

Hello Everyone x

I wanted so very much to be able to address each and everyone of you in person, and this seems to be the best way for me to do that. Please forgive the all inclusive nature of this post, I just wanted to honour all of you, the way you have all honoured Richie and I. 

This time of my life, has been so overwhelming. Each day is full of details, and challenges, and every emotion I could have ever thought possible, sometimes all at the same time. 

My family and I, had a very small and intimate celebration of life for Richie on Sept. 6th. It was on the top of a mountain, on a misty day, quiet, peaceful, and full of love. Just the way Richie and I had discussed. I know he was there with me holding my hand.  

I want you all to know, that each and everyone of you, was a part of that moment with us. 

Your love and prayers, wishes, and hopes,....were felt deep within us both this past year. 
I am forever grateful to you all, for each and every one of them.

Life does not look anything like what Richie and I had planned now. 
I am not sure what it will be....I only know that it will. 

We were soul mates. With the greatest love of all x 
I have so much gratitude for that xo

Thank you for your patience and understanding at such a difficult time. 
I want you to know that I feel you, I respect you, and I cherish you x

I look forward to seeing you all again someday
On the proud highway x

The love we give the only love we keep 
Hold tight the love 
Shauna xoxo


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