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Gryphon Labs debut album, “Modern Mythology” including members of Little Feat is scheduled to be released on November 16th.


Gryphon Labs debut album, “Modern Mythology” includes Little Feat members, Richie Hayward, Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett. This instrumental project will be available digitally worldwide! iTunes, Amazon, etc. on November 16th.

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Gryphon Labs began as the creation of bassist/composer Pete Griffin. He found himself needing a band to perform and record songs he had been writing when he wasn't onstage somewhere on the planet with different acts ranging from pop-rock brother band Hanson, to legendary classic rock icon Edgar Winter, to genre-defying Zappa Plays Zappa, Dweezil Zappa's presentation of his father's music. He recruited fellow Zappa Plays Zappa members Joe Travers (drums) and Jamie Kime (guitar), and began recording with producer Roger Cole (RCOLEMUSIC, LLC). Cole's long career had recently included producing several records by southern groove rock pioneers Little Feat, and soon Richie Hayward (drums) and Paul Barrere had made contributions to the Gryphon Labs sound. Over the course of 3 years in between individuals touring schedules, adding more guest appearances from artist such as Fred Tackett( trumpet mandolin ) Glen Sobel (Drums) and a lot of attention to sonic and musical detail.  We hope you all enjoy Gryphon Labs debut album, “Modern Mythology”.


Gryphon Labs: Modern Mythology by RColeMusic

Little Feat's Involvement:

Richie Hayward: Felt Like Love(Another)

Paul Barrere: Manjula, Driven To Drink, The Moon's Answer

Fred Tackett: The Moon's Answer, I'm Dreaming


Here is what Paul Barrere had to say about his involvement in this project:

"funny how some things come full circle in this world of music - lowell george plays in the mothers of invention with frank zappa, writes willin' and frank tells him "nice song, why don't you start your own band and low and behold the birth of little feat- some 40 years later i get to hook up with 3 members of zappa plays zappa, dweezils band, who are like the players with frank, just incredible musicians, and i get to play with them on a wonderful recording called modern mythology - peter griffin - bass, jaime kime - guitar, and joe travers - drums are the core of this wonderful piece of work produced by roger cole and pete griffen, and i am proud to be, along with fred tackett, and richie hayward, a part of it and i urge our fans to check it out asap .... "


Click HERE to listen to an interview Pete did for Modern Mythology on KJAG radio.

Here is what Peter Griffin said about members of Little Feat joining in on his project:

"Good luck trying to cover a Little Feat song, as tempting as it may be. I mean, the melodies are catchy, the grooves so perfectly inviting, who wouldn't want to try it? But when you crack the surface of these songs you find intricate twists and turns in the arrangements, time signature shifts, changes in dynamics, and you soon realize that it's all of these little things that make Little Feat so amazing. Whether its Richie's hi-hat talking, Paul's interjections on slide, Fred's perfect addition on whatever instrument he happens to pick up, plus Bill, Sam and Kenny, it's obvious the sound of Little Feat is very much a sum of it's parts.

So, when I got the opportunity to work with Richie, Paul, and Fred, I was not only floored by my own good fortune, but excited about the opportunity to try to use their individual voices in a different context from their own band. We all know these guys sound great playing Feat songs, but how could we utilize them for my weird instrumental progressive rock fusion tunes?

We started with Paul, I believe on the song "Manjula," where we had him doubling the melody over the top of a Indian-flavored rock groove. He immediately got the idea we were going for, and suddenly the song had a whole new texture to it!  His slide control is so much like the technique of virtuosos of Indian instruments (like the sitar) that the sound perfectly blended with the tune. He also has the only vocal track on the whole album; he was having so much fun with "Manjula" that you can hear him laugh at one point!

Bringing Richie in for "Felt Like Love (Another)" was pretty much a no-brainer. The drum part I had on the demo was really stiff, and once Richie started playing his part everything else fell into the groove, which is exactly why Richie is featured on so many recordings throughout the past four decades. Some sections of that tune have unexpected time signature changes, and at first it caught Richie off guard. But after a few minutes he was feeling his way through the changes and playing it like he wrote it. I keep hearing different nuances in his snare drum part every time I listen to that song.

I kinda hate people like Fred. I can only play bass, I'm terrible at all other instruments. Fred has mastered more instruments than you can count on your fingers, and he manages to sound like himself on all of them. Having him and Paul pickin' away on "The Moon's Answer" was just what was needed to give that song it's "back porch" vibe. But when producer Roger Cole told me he wanted Fred to play trumpet on "I'm Dreaming, You're a Dream" I didn't know what to expect. His part became such a crucial element of that recording, and it give that tune a fairly different sound from the rest of the record.

I still can't believe that these guys had any interest in helping me record this album, and still the most surprising part is how modest and humble they all are. Their collective body of work is so impressive and influential that they deserve much bigger egos than they've got. Just don't tell them that..."



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