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Fred Tackett's "Silver Strings" and Gryphon Lab's latest CD's are now available


 Fred Tackett's latest solo effort, Silver Strings, is now available on CD. Click HERE to purchase your copy now. To have a free preview of the songs and read credits, liner notes and a Bio by Fred go HERE.

from Fred's liner notes:

"It’s been awhile since “In A Town Like This”. In between touring with the Feat and my brother Paul Barrere, Domenic and I have been jamming and writing this collection.
These tunes were produced and recorded by our good friend, Roger Cole using Earthworks microphones through an Amek Big by Langley To Protools HD."
Gryphon Labs “Modern Mythology”

Gryphon Labs debut album, “Modern Mythology” includes Little Feat members, Richie Hayward, Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett. This instrumental project is available on CD HERE.


 Gryphon Labs: Modern Mythology by RColeMusic

Little Feat's Involvement:

Richie Hayward: Felt Like Love(Another)

Paul Barrere: Manjula, Driven To Drink, The Moon's Answer

Fred Tackett: The Moon's Answer, I'm Dreaming


Here is what Paul Barrere had to say about his involvement in this project:

"funny how some things come full circle in this world of music - lowell george plays in the mothers of invention with frank zappa, writes willin' and frank tells him "nice song, why don't you start your own band and low and behold the birth of little feat- some 40 years later i get to hook up with 3 members of zappa plays zappa, dweezils band, who are like the players with frank, just incredible musicians, and i get to play with them on a wonderful recording called modern mythology - peter griffin - bass, jaime kime - guitar, and joe travers - drums are the core of this wonderful piece of work produced by roger cole and pete griffen, and i am proud to be, along with fred tackett, and richie hayward, a part of it and i urge our fans to check it out asap .... "



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