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Relix Magazine Reviews Fred Tacket's Silver Strings CD


Relix Magazine Reviews Fred Tacket's Silver Strings CD

Fred Tackett: Silver Strings

Published by Relix on 03.24.2011

by Jessica Nova

"No one can argue with Fred Tackett’s credentials: he’s played with Bob Dylan, Bob Seger and The Allman Brothers Band and has also been a member of Little Feat since 1988’s Let It Roll. His solo album, Silver Strings, demonstrates his ability to arrange smooth melodies and incorporate lyrics that blend into and complement the unique instrumentation rather than sit above it. While Tackett sings and moves from guitar to mandolin, mandocello and quattro, at any given time he’s accompanied by bass, cello, drums, percussion and backing vocals. Tackett mixes syncopated jazz and Latin rhythms in “Jamaica (Will Break Your Heart)” and later delves into bluesy grooves in “One Breath at a Time.” Just as Little Feat is known for mixing rock, blues, country, jazz and funk, Tackett also directs Silver Strings though the genres without sacrificing anything along the way."

Fred Tackett's latest solo effort, Silver Strings, is now available on CD. Click HERE to purchase your copy now. To have a free preview of the songs and read credits, liner notes and a Bio by Fred go HERE.




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