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Remembering Richie Hayward by Bill Payne


Remembering Richie Hayward by Bill Payne

It is tough trace the life of someone you loved and lost before his or her time. But Bill Payne was up to that challenge. In a two-part feature, he follows Richie Hayward’s life journey from his Iowa home ground, through the jungle that comprised the late ‘60s, the cultivation and explosion of LA’s unencumbered rock n’ roll scene, and the rise, fall and rejuvenation of Little Feat, to his last stand on a stage in Vancouver with the band that was most of his life.

Bill’s detailed narrative and vivid memories have you cruising shotgun through Richie’s days – even some nights – and it’s a ride that will surprise and move you; often; from one emotional extreme to the other. The writing is powerful. The story, essential. So join Bill as he memorializes his friend. It’s something no Feat fan should miss, and none will forget.


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Part Two - The Later Years on


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