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Jamaica Just Got Hotter! Leftover Salmon joins the 10th Annual Feat Fan Excursion Guest List!


Jamaica Just Got Hotter! 

Leftover Salmon  joins the 10th Annual Feat Fan Excursion Guest List!


As if the tenth Jamaica Feat Fan Excursion (January 18-22, 2012) was not already chock-full of excitement, with the previously announced lineup of special guests joining the band--Craig Fuller, Rodney Crowell, Larry Campbell, Teresa Williams, and Sam Bush--Now, even more have been added to the ever expanding roster!

Fresh fish is great, but Leftover Salmon is even better!  And to top that off, how about a helping of the North Mississippi Allstars Duo?  We're talking "Rad Gumbo" now...

Here are the Details:

 The day before the Feat Fan Excursion kicks off, Leftover Salmon will join North Mississippi Allstars Duo to play a special show on the evening of Jan 17th.  If you're already at the resort by that date, you are "IN"--If you want to extend your stay on the early end and be part of this special event, get in touch with CS Travel to make arrangements.

Leftover Salmon will be staying on and sitting in with Little Feat, along with our other guests, for many of the bandís sets. What drifts from the stage in these tantalizing combinations raises the possibility of amazing cross-pollinating jams...The ingredients are certainly all in place.

The sound of Coloradoís legendary Leftover Salmon is unmistakable: fluid, loose-limbed, and simultaneously rootsy and daring. Leftover Salmon has a legion of diehard fans, critical accolades, and a stellar reputation. To learn more about Leftover Salmon, visit the Leftover Salmon website.

The North Mississippi Allstars Duo are brothers Luther and Cody Dickinson, who absorbed the North Mississippi Blues legacy while playing and shaking it down at the juke joints with their blues ancestors. To learn more about the Dickinson brothers and North Mississippi Allstars, please visit the  North Mississippi Allstars Duo website.


If youíre interested in taking in the whole nine-day experience being offered by Little Feat and Govít Mule, or just the 4 days with Little Feat visit the CS Travel website

or call the CS Travel Team at 1-800-816-1846.


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