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Hootenanny Night in Jamaica Mon!


Hootenanny Night in Jamaica Mon!

So you say you’re familiar with the roots of jam bands! Then you probably know that “Hootenanny” is a word used to refer to old time jam sessions that were often wildly uninhibited happenings supported by the comforts of good friends, great drinks and incredibly good music. Sort of a night on the town without hopping around!
Hootenanny Night In Jamaica is on tap for the first night of the four-show weekend. If you’re not already buckled in for this fabulous trip, listen up, there’s still rooms – some very good rooms! – available.

Here’s how the Hootenanny will unfold:
All of the artists participating in the 10th Jamaica Feat Fan Excursion – Little Feat, Craig Fuller, Rodney Crowell, Larry Campbell, Teresa Williams, Sam Bush and Leftover Salmon – will gather on stage and will take turns in leading and supporting songs that will cover a universal front that surely will be a once in a lifetime performance. You never know what’s gonna break loose in an anything goes-Feat sponsored Hootenanny. The event provides an unprecedented chance to get close to the action where surely musicians and fans will bond.
It’ll be a night everyone always remembers!
The day before the Feat Fan Excursion kicks off, Leftover Salmon will join North Mississippi Allstars Duo to play a special show on the evening of Jan 17th. For those already at the resort by that date, you are "IN"-- why not extend your stay on the early end and be part of this special event, get in touch with CS Travel to make arrangements.
Veterans of Little Feat's prior Excursions know that there are always special musical collaborations throughout the trip, but for this Tenth Anniversary, we are extremely excited about this new (to us) format for the first night ….... If you're considering making the trip for the first time, we've just given you another good reason to pack your bags and come along…….
10th Annual
with many very special musical guests.

January 18 - 22, 2012

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