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“When All Boats Rise” - new Little Feat song

When All Boats Rise 

“When All Boats Rise” is a new and timely song I want to share with you from Little Feat. 
You are being brought into the process of a song that is evolving. We will be adding horns, additional background vocals, and a video in the future. I wanted you to hear this though before the election. This is a pivotal time for us all to pull together. As you listen to the words and reflect on the title of the song, you might understand why I feel it was important to get this out to you now. We need you to GO VOTE. Please vote down-ballot too, and let’s change the Senate. John Lewis said we need to get in “good trouble.” And as the song says, “There’ll be a better day, When All Boats Rise.” 
Thank you! 
 Bill Payne October, 2020


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