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Let’s start with Paul’s stuff.

Gibson Jumbo Acoustic Standard, tuned to open G. Don’t know what year this one is, it’s not particularly old. Medium strings 013 thru 052.

The Brown Strat is a ’71 and he uses a custom set of strings and they go; 012, 016, 020 (plain) and then the flat wound strings are 032, 042, 052.

The teal blue Strat is an ’84 American Strat and he uses a light gauge of Ernie Ball strings 010 through 046. Standard tuning.

The Black Strat is a 1969 American Strat that uses a custom set of strings at; 014, 018, 022 (plain) and then the flat wound strings are 032, 042, 052. Tuned to an open G.

Also has a Sunburst Strat and it’s tuned to open D and uses a custom set of strings at; 014, 018, 022 (plain) and then the flat wound strings are 032, 042, 052.

Now for Fred, he uses 2 pretty generic American made Strats, both ’82 and they both use light gauge Ernie Ball strings 010 through 046. The Red Strat is tuned to a G and the Sunburst Strat is tuned standard.

Kenny uses a Fender bass that’s actually made by Philip Kubicki. 4 strings and he uses a custom gauge 045, 065, 085, 105 strings and the little flip lever on the head is for drop D on his E string. It’s kind of built like a Steinberger but with a body. It’s made out of wood, not graphite.

I change the strings on the slide guitars about every other day but anything that has a regular gauge, standard tuning I change the strings for every show. The bass strings I change every 4 shows. Kenny likes them a little bit worn.

Fred’s signal chain: he goes to a standard wah-wah, a compressor/sustainer that he only uses for Oh Atlanta, a digital delay with a tap tempo, tremolo and then an old Ibanez Tube Screamer and then an 808 tube screamer, the real vintage deal, that guys the one. Then for his mandolin he goes through a bi-fed preamp which just sweetens it up and doesn’t make it sound so tinny. He runs it through a 1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb with all original parts in it. It has been modified but he doesn’t use the mod side of the amp. They didn’t really do much with the tone on the mod side, they changed the reverb and the intensity and speed of the vibrato. Then Paul’s rig, the head is a Rivera, not a Knucklehead, I can’t remember the model number. This is the stereo one with two 120 watt tube sides to it and the chorus separates there, it’s really cool. And he did have this one modified to where it’s got, it’s called a Ninja boost, it’s like a mid range curve and it’ll work on both channels now, instead of just the one.

He goes through a standard Marshall cabinet with 4 - 1960A’s which has the standard 35 watt greenbacks in it and it’s stereo. He occasionally leaves 2 single JBL’s in small boxes for small venues cuz they don’t throw as far. Now for his effects rack, first this is like a loop so you can turn all your effects on or off at once, then it’s just a Boss compressor/sustainer, Boss sustained digital delay, same as Fred’s with a tap tempo, an old Ibanez compressor/sustainer that he’ll use sometimes, a Tube Screamer, a Blues Driver that’s stock but he had some juice added to it and then he has a chorus ensemble that he only uses when he has to fly places. Kenny plays though an SM 900 SWR head and he always uses a 4 – 10" cabinets with SWR Glide 2 with an added horn. If the venue permits we’ll also use 2 – 12" cabinets.