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Interview: “Fred Tackett: Coming Home” for “Catching Up With” - by C. Michael Bailey

Fred Tackett recently returned to Little Rock for a Little Feat show, but not until he discussed "borrowing comic books," achieving Arkansas escape velocity, and how songwriting has changed for him over the course of 40 years. Read More

Little Feat playing Kent Stage in support of ‘Rooster Rag’ - interview with Bill Payne

Modern-day musical hipsters may feel like they’re breaking new ground, but the idea of boiling a lot of different sounds into one pot has been around for decades. Look no further than ’70s act Little Feat...... Read More

Little Feat plans a big show at Jergle's - Interview with Paul Barrere

Beaver County Times Interviews Paul Barrere: "Finally they've come up with the perfect radio format term for it: 'Americana,'" ...... Read More

Show Review: Paul Barrere & Fred Tackett with The New Orleans Suspects - 10.19.12 - The Bamboo Room - Lake Worth, FL

Every now and then a show comes along where the expectation level is high and the performance exceeds it. Read More

Show Review: Paul and Fred Acoustic Duo at benefit Concert - 09.28.2012

A night of amazing performances supports The Rhythmic Arts Project at the Lobero Theatre Read More

Show Review: 09.10.2012 - Revolution, Little Rock, AR

Little Rock has had a Little Feat connection as far back as the mid-1960s, when Little Rock-native Fred first met Lowell George... Read More

Interview: Tracing Footsteps brings Bill Payne to Dover, HN

Bill Payne will take a breath for second (though the music won't stop), and share some of his stories, and his solo work (both as a musician, and as a photographer) with audiences this October. Read More

Show Review: 09.16.12 - El Ray Theater, LA, CA

A Family Affair with Little Feat Read More

Interview: Little Feat’s Paul Barrere Talks Feat Past and Present

Listen Up Denver! had the honor of catching up with Little Feat’s Paul Barrere while he was in a hotel in New York, and they talked Feat past and present. Read More

Rooster Rag - NEW Feature: Feat Fan Review SERIES - Interview #5

Read reviews of Rooster Rag culled from conversations that our selected Feat Fans have had recently with band members. Read More